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Impact/SampleOne Should Have Better Transient Detection

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asked Jan 27, 2020 in Instruments and Plug-Ins by robertgray3 (38,620 points)
edited Jan 29, 2020 by robertgray3
When dragging and dropping an event (OR PART) into Impact or SampleOne

1. It should not ignore existing Audio Bend markers
2. If in Impact and using Shift+Drag to Slice+Spread across multiple pads it should use the existing Audio Bend markers to divide up the slices
3. If there are no existing Audio Bend markers and the user users Impact's Shift+Drag to Slice+Spread across multiple pads, it should use the CURRENT VALUES of the Audio Bend Detection Mode (Sensitive vs Normal) and Bend Marker Threshold on the event/part when it slices it up

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