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closed Sampling Workflow | Atom & Impact | Could have become THE Maschine killer =MISSED=

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asked Sep 14, 2018 in Hardware Integration / Remote Control by chriz79 (470 points)
closed Jan 7, 2021 by arndkaiser

Dear Product Managers, Marketing managers, holy developers and creative folks at Presonus:

Since version 3, Studio One has become the undisputed and growing number 1 in DAWs. Well done!!

However, I find it a pity to follow that you still ignore a massive user group from one of the top-selling music genres worldwide: The Hip Hop and RnB musicians and producers. Traditionally, Sampling and chopping to pads will and always will be a major topic.

For years, Native Instruments is leading the hardware accessoires market (look at current figures) for the Hip Hop and RnB user group with their dedicated machine controller for special sampling needs. And some old heads still swear by the AKAI MPC. Have the responsible decision makers at Presonus looked at that issue in detail and those simple reasons - BEFORE you extensively updated Impact and Sample One as XT versions and the release of ATOM? Apparently not exactly enough... to sell them due to or even because of a similarly simple sampling workflow as NI or AKAI does.

From my point of view, the following features in either ATOM and Impact XT are still missing:

1. Assignable loopmarker L + R in the Impact waveform view to a hardware controller (ATOM rotary knobs..). So you can easily seek and adjust the perfect sample start and end point per pad while hitting the pad. (Exactly as Maschine MK2/MK3/Studio or hitherto each MPC model works)

2. Take the further suggestions on the topic MASCHINE of your users here from the forum serious. Rather than perhaps trying to only better "integrate" current or future Maschine controllers in future S1 releases, STUDIO ONE should become THE BETTER MASCHINE (since it already has the much more powerful software).

With the release of ATOM + the update to 4.1 Presonus would have been able to create and announce THE Maschine Killer par excellence across all networks. Thus, without looking at highly-demanded sampling and chopping workflow features, ATOM is in my eyes just another "relatively" generic drum controller - between the vast of numerous competitors for now. DEAR PRESONUS - GO CHANGE IT WITH v.4.2 PLEASE!!!!

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answered Sep 17, 2018 by valencia4127 (330 points)
We need a step sequencer within the ATOM workflow!!
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answered Apr 10, 2019 by dotcom12161984 (4,340 points)
I would like to see an upgrade of the ATOM wherein there's at least four 16 pad step sequencers (like the akai fire) BUT i would like to see those 64 pads also act as bank A B C D and then you can bank over to see BCDE etc etc.  (first four columns = Bank A....second four columns = Bank B etc etc) within IMPACT

So there would be composer mode where you can trigger your samples as normal. But in the sequence mode you should be able to select four lanes within Pattern/on ATOM that you program in step sequence mode.

the 16 pads in each lane would represent the 16 slots in pattern within Studio One.......Now say you wanted a pattern longer than one bar...the pattern should scroll (I.E. Maschine).  Or each pad could have a latch mode where you can create a sequence within a sequence (I.e the first pad would house Pattern 1, 2nd pad Pattern 2 etc.  and you could signify the patterns by different colors.  

Say i wanted to create a custom SNARE ROLL i can simplify that down sequence down to one pad.  

I definitely want to be able to scroll through sounds and select and apply them to pads directly from the ATOM as well.