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Lock the arm and monitor function

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asked Feb 5 in Look and Feel by martinbrataas (180 points)
edited Feb 6 by martinbrataas

I want to lock the arm and monitor function on a single track (more specific; I want to lock the arm and monitor on a folder track consisting of many tracks). I am not talking about using the "instrument input follow section" because that result in all track behave the same way.This is quite important, if I want to constantly send midi-data to a track from an external source.

I also want to exclude one midi input from the All Inputs (i.e. Ableton 1, is a virtual midi cable crated with loopMIDI). Because I have a keyboard and an Atom controller, and I do not want to give track exclusivity to my keyboard or my drumpad when I add a new instrument track, since sometimes I want to play drums on my MIDI-keyboard and 5 seconds later I want to play it on my Atom This is not as important as the first future request... :)

Martin Brataas

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