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FaderPort 8 Faders are not smooth

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asked Feb 10 in FaderPort 2018 by Audia (130 points)
My Faderport is having issues with smoothness of the faders. It's a bit hard to describe, and had contacted Support before, thought I'd give a shout out again.....heres what I've diagnosed:

The FP when turned on, demonstrates smooth silky faders.

When the Studio One Pro is turned on and linked, I get inconsistently a "Glitch" or a "Catch" (like there is a "burr" on the slides) never at the same place on the slide. Try different banks, channels, same. If I push hard, sometimes it doesn't do it, like I said , inconsistent. I am running the new Mac Mini running Mojave.

Changed connection cables several time, now using a USB-C wire.

Updated the UC Control Software, and Faderport software recently.

I tried it on my older Mac Mini and had no issues, it seemed.

It doesnt seem to alter the sound on the DAW, but it's irritating as heck.

Anyone got any suggestions?

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