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Connecting Studio One to Berhinger Xenyx X1204USB mixer

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asked Feb 21, 2020 in Studio One 4 by johndeeley (160 points)
I'm trying to connect Studio One Artist to my mixer using USB. It outputs to the mixer fine but despite many hours/days I can't get an input from the mixer. I have ASIO4ALL installed and when I open the audio device control panel the USB input has an X next to it and says unavailable. There also seems to be a problem with the sound setting in Windows 10, it's showing a USB input and output when the mixer is plugged in but is not showing and sound in the sound control panel. I've had this working in the past so I know it's possible, I think it was when I had Studio One Trial version. Any online instructions or youtube help doesn't work.

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answered Feb 22, 2020 by johndeeley (160 points)
An update to my question: I've installed a demo of Fruity loops and this works ok on the input and output. Studio One only works with output. In Options/song setup there is no USB input displayed.