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closed Previous song file as template for new song

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asked Mar 7, 2020 in Look and Feel by randyhayes3 (390 points)
closed Jun 13, 2020 by randyhayes3
Please add an option wherein a previous Song file can be used as a template for a new Song file.
closed with the note: I found the answer I was looking for.  Thank you, community.

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answered Jun 13, 2020 by randyhayes3 (390 points)
edited Jun 13, 2020 by randyhayes3
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(Edit, adding reply to @nickclube: Now what you suggested makes sense to me as I have used the "Import Song Data" option and found it to bring in everything except the busses.  Seems like a flaw.  I do hope they fix that in an update.)

Thank you both for answering.  @LHandley, this would definitely work, and I have used this before.  My question didn't do a very thorough job explaining what I was looking for though.  I was thinking that when you are in the New Song dialogue window, you might be given a fourth tab of previous .song files to use as a template.  HOWEVER, your answer here got me looking back into the question and I discovered a wonderful feature in Studio One that does exactly what I'm looking for, only better!  It seems like I'd seen this before on a YouTube tutorial but had forgotten about it.  Here's how it works:

Create a new .song file that is blank.  In the Files tab of the Browser on the right, navigate to a previous project, right-click the .song file, and choose Import Song Data.  (Alternate method: Song menu at top > Import Song Data, and browse for .song file.)  This brings up a fantastic dialogue window where you can import a single element, every element, and anything in between for an existing project.  AWESOME!  Besides that, I had seen and used the method of spinning down the triangle icon beside the .song file in the Browser and pulling in individual elements of a .song file.  I already had my mind blown when I discovered that!

So, I'm gonna consider this closed.  @PreSonus, if you want to add a fourth tab to the New Song dialogue window that basically takes you to the Import Song Data dialogue window, that would be neat.  It might help people discover that option more readily.  But at this point I feel that what I wanted already exists.  Kudos to you for the excellent DAW!
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answered Mar 16, 2020 by nickclube (830 points)

If you copy every element of the previous song file you get all the tracks, all the plugins, all the FX busses so it pretty much is a song template.

However, there is one big omission which is that the mix busses to which the tracks output are not copied

For example, if I copy over the guitar tracks from a previous song file, I get the tracks, colours, plugins and FX busses they link to, but no GUITAR mix buss AND I always summ them to a GUITAR mix bus. Now that would be a great improvement.

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answered Jun 12, 2020 by LHandley (3,180 points)
You can do that. Just save that previous song file as a template ( File > Save As Template...), then use that template as the basis for a new song file. Is that what you're talking about?