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My PreSonus Speakers aren't working even when plugged in correctly!

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asked Mar 13, 2020 in AudioBox i-Series by mauricem2 (670 points)
So I bought the Complete Producer Bundle with the speakers, audiobox, and Studio Artist One.

My problem is when I connected everything the first time, it worked perfectly. However, when i had to take away my laptop because I would need it for other things and tried connect the USB again, the speakers would not work. Nothing was detected. I have the latest version of windows. Is that a factor.

I have the driver installed but no remedy. Please help!

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answered Mar 13, 2020 by AlexTinsley (924,630 points)
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Make sure you've installed the latest Universal Control from the product download page so you have the latest drivers installed. 

The audio interface in the bundle has it's own download page, select it here:

Windows will want to reinstall the driver for every USB Port you plug into. 

Try plugging it back into the same USB port you had when it was connected the first time. 

Then, with some patience, unplug and plug into each USB port on your system and let Windows initialize it for each new USB port you're plugging in. Let the system install the drivers for each new port. When you've done all your ports, then you won't have to remember which port to plug it into again later. 

This is not an issue for Mac OS X, this is unique to Windows systems, it's always been this way for devices that have custom device drivers. 

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answered Mar 13, 2020 by joegilder (13,630 points)
I've had this happen before, and the culprit was a bad USB cable. Try a different one and see?