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StudioLive Series III mixer Flex Mix 16 pegs Meters when Link button enabled

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asked Mar 15 in StudioLive Series III by HexOrbitant (360 points)

StudioLive 32 Series III mixer running Firmware Version 2.2.16741.  The meters for Flex Mix 16 (falsely) report maximum level (as if feedback) when Link button is engaged.  Steps to reproduce: 1) From Main Mix, press Mix/FX Master and Select Ax 16 (source can be Analog or Network).  2) With Aux 16 Selected on the touch screen, press the Link Button in the Fat Chanel (or touch screen) to configure a Stereo Mix.  In my case I also disconnected the Analog connections going to and returning from my external FX processor just to rule out any wiring problems.

As soon as Ax 15 and Ax 16 are paired, either the Input Meter, Output Meter or both run up to maximum.  Dis-engage the Link or Select Ax 15, and the levels return to zero.  I don't see this behavior with any other Flex Mix, only 16.  The actual audio passing thru the send seems normal.  I would chalk this up to "operator error" except it occurrs on both my StudioLive 32 and StudioLive 16 mixers.  On the SL16 the only cable connected was the power cord and I have tried Master Reset on all Analog and Digital Routing as well as zeroing out the board thru the Scene Reset, without success.

Since this is not too hard to replicate (just a standalone mixer, no computer, DAW or AVB involved) I thought I would check here to see if anyone else has noticed this little quirk (or set me straight if I am the cause) before I submit to the third degree required to enter a support ticket.

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answered Apr 22 by Trucky (6,860 points)
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This problem was fixed with the Series III v2.3.16845 firmware.