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Personal monitoring using 3-4 outputs on recording- PRESONUS AR16 USB

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asked Mar 22, 2020 in AR Hybrid USB Mixers by silviojunior1 (210 points)


I have a presonus STUDIOLIVE AR 16 USB for 2 years, and I would definitely like to understand what channels 3-4 are physically in the mixer. Are the Ctl Room outputs? The AUX outputs? The headphone output? 

I really want to be able to do a monitoring to record a drums for example, and the drummer can hear what he wants and how much he wants from the elements of the drums individually, but I would not like to only use the AUX knobs of each channel of the AR16. 

I use Logic Pro and Pro Tools simultaneously and my idea is to let the drummer do his own monitoring using an iPad (the connection of the iPad with the both DAW is already ok), access the mix of his phone and increase/decrease the volumes of each piece of the drums through DAW. Do the routing (create a headphone mix) through DAW I know how to do, but even raising/lowering the volumes via iPad on the headphone mix, nothing happens and the volume remains the same for the musician. 

I can only perform the correct monitoring the way I need it for something that has already been recorded. But, for live monitoring of a recording, I can't.


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