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Avoiding file corruption in Notion: Workaround suggestions?

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asked Mar 29, 2020 in Notion by leedickholtz (1,440 points)

Seeking advice about how to best keep my Notion 6 (latest) files intact. Even with regular and repeated incremental file saves, I sometimes run into a problem where Notion seems to lose several measures of instrument parts. Since the problem isn't immediately noticeable, repairing the problem can be challenging and time-consuming.

For instance: I've been working on a file that has roughly 100 measures, and 10 instrument parts. After several incremental saves (every 15 minutes or so) I noticed that previously filled measures from measure 60 to 70 (approx.) were empty, and there were other gaps as well (for instance, measure 74 would be completely empty, for all instruments, even though measures on either side (73 and 75,) were intact.

Issues like this can be challenging to fix, since it usually isn't apparent when the data loss happened, even though the file remains operable. I managed to piece together the latest instrument part (from the most recent version) with the last version that was saved correctly and remained intact.

I would appreciate any work-around suggestions of 'best practices' to help avoid data issues in Notion files. Working on a Windows 10 64-bit desktop system, with i9-9900KF CPU. (Though I've seen comments about Notion 6 and i9 CPUs, everything seems to be working fine, for me.)
Here are some potential issues that might be contributing to the problems I've experienced:

  • Using mostly Kontakt instruments (since I'll ultimately be 'sending to Studio One'.)
  • Using Score Setup (often) to change which parts are shown/hidden
  • Dynamic Parts feature is incredibly useful, but could it be contributing to the issue?
  • Should I regularly quit and restart Notion?
Thanks for any suggestions!

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