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Being able to name AVB sends and returns when using multiple Stageboxes and Earmixes

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asked Apr 2, 2020 in StudioLive Series Feature Requests by bukman (540 points)
I have a 64S as my main console in my studio with a StudioLive 32R and an NSB 16.8 both as stage boxes. I have many drum microphones and other pieces of studio equipment hard wired to my stage boxes which are used basically as a patch bay into my console.

This works great however there are times I need to quickly assign an AVB source to my console channel and I need to remember which input on which stage box this relates to and then work out what AVB input I need to select. This does my head in.

As part of setting up the stage box and also earmixes it would be fantastic to be able to assign my own names to the AVB streams and hence just scroll down the list and see the device or stage box input I am looking for. Even just changing the AVB stream name to reflect the stage box input/ output would help but being able to freely name them would be ideal.

You can do this sort of thing in the Audio Setup screen of Studio One where you name the input or output. Doing this also on the console would be gold.

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answered May 7, 2020 by jonnydoyle (383,910 points)
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answered Nov 19, 2020 by erhardschwenk (1,750 points)
Naming of Devices is a not well solved Problem with all digtial Consoles, I think.

From my View, the best Solution would be to have naming memories in A/D-Converters physically located in the Microphones/instruments, so wire numbers would be no parameter to know at all. You just store the name in your mic once (maybe by inserting a MicroSD Card) and then whenever you connect it to any Port of any Stagebox, an "Joe's SM58 Special Edition" Labelled Input pops up at the Mixer. Would be great if there was an open Standard for this so any band can simply connect their Equipmant to any available FoH Connector and there's correct naming without having to configure names at all. No Thinking about channel # ever again, just use those names for all Routing. In a second Step, there could even be a Standard format for Routing Setups so the Band just puts some Memory device into a Stagebox slot  (or has a file on one of the SD Cards in its Mics) and the FoH Man has even a basic Setup of all their Mics, DIs,  Monitor Mixes, EQ and Compression Settings and so on. Even a fully-automatic silent line check can be done then. So, in such a world, the FoH Engineer could just  focus on customizing the Setup for the actual available Outputs and Room Acoustics and do some fine tuning. The Basic Setup comes with the Band that just has to do its homework once.

For analogue devices, the naming could be done where the A/D Converter is - so in an AVB World, this best has to "sit" in the Stagebox, but controllable from Mixer Surface. Then at least, you could even bring in your preconfigured AVB Stagebox and just plug the AVB Cable. There also should  be some scribbles on the stagebox so the Roadies can just plug the microphone into the right Jack without having to use any documentation, ask questions or look at possibly wrong or lost papers or cable Labels.

Well, that is a description of an ideal world. Nowadays, we don't have Scribbles at Stage Box Input Jacks and there is no Naming Memory in Stage Boxes (?). In this case, at least the Mixer could hold some "Alias Table" and name devices referring to some kind of available technical ID, even if it is serial number and channel # of the stage box. But that can only be a first step on the way to future.