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Audiobox Ione How to get both channels on PC or mono output

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asked Apr 2, 2020 in AudioBox i-Series by markcurtis5 (120 points)
Hi there,

I see this question in amongst the forum but there is not an answer to it. I have the Audiobox ione. I am connected to the pc using the USB 2.0 PC/Mac port. This works fine but when I try to record, it only records in one channel. I am trying to do some live gigs using facebook but can't find a way to either record in both channels, or convert to mono so both channels are the same. The recorded output is always one channel-only though both channels play through the headphones on the ione itself. The forum does not appear to have an answer to this apart from differing views on software to download. I am using windows 10 on a 64 bit laptop. On the microphone settings on Windows 10 it has no option for 1 channel-only.

Can you tell me if this problem can be solved with my existing setup or recommend some (preferably free) software to download which I can use to solve it?



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