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Managing multiple sequential tracks in a single S1 song / exporting multiple sections of the timeline to the S1 project

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asked Apr 2, 2020 in Mixing by bennybernschuetz (120 points)
Lets take for example a typical live-recording. You create a "song" in Studio One, do the required layout, arm the tracks and hit record. The band plays 20 tracks and finally all of these tracks are sequentially located in one single Studio One "song".

For live recordings (but also for studio sessions!) it can be very convenient to keep multiple tracks in one timeline (=S1 song) during mixing. But at the point of taking over the different tracks to a S1 Projekt you can only select ONE region (start to end) per S1 "song" that will create a new track in the S1 Projekt.

It would be very(!) helpful – and I suppose not even hard to implement – having available kind of multiple start/end markers within one single S1 song in order to be able to export different regions of the timeline to different tracks in the S1 Projekt.

I am really missing that feature hard as it would greatly enhance the workflow for live-recordings and several studio situations. (Maybe I was blind and this feature already exists? – I can't find how it works.)

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