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Filter midi data coming into each track to different midi channels

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asked Aug 8, 2020 in Studio One 5 by normanyoung2 (870 points)
I sometimes use a DAW to record Hauptwerk organ works, and in Cakewalk I can configure each track to only record midi data for a particular midi channel so that after recording a performance, each keyboard data is stored on separate tracks.

I can't see any way to do this in Studio One 5.

I've set up, say three tracks, assigned to different midi channels.

When I record the organ, I expect data sent through MIDI channel 1 from one keyboard (set to midi channel 1) to only go to one track (set to CH 1), data from keyboard 2, MIDI channel 2 to go to a different track etc.

What happens is that with all three (or more tracks armed) the same information is recorded on all the tracks irrespective of which keyboard is being played.

On replay, the midi data from each track soloed plays everything to the correct keyboard (but of course the midi data is that from all keyboard played during the recording).

Is there something I can do here?

If not, I'll have to continue to use Cakewalk when I'm working with Hauptwerk Organ samples - something I'd rather not have to do !

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