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How do I use FaderPort 2018 (FP2) with Bitwig? No answers to this found.

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asked Aug 31, 2022 in FaderPort 2018 by davidfitzsimons (140 points)
edited Aug 31, 2022 by davidfitzsimons
How do I use FaderPort 2018 with Bitwig? I can find No answers to this in the forum.

Bitwig lists under controllers - Presonus FaderPort 8, Presonus FaderPort 16 and Presonus ATOM (I have an ATOM and this works fine in Bitwig).

I have tried FaderPort 8 and I can choose Presonus FP2 for midi in and out. But Biwig errors, 'FaderPort FP2 out of memory. error'

Any help is appreciated

I hope there is a solution otherwise it may become a redundant piece of equipment.


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