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Can Studio One updates remember previous/current install location? (Windows 10)

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asked Apr 11, 2020 in Look and Feel by davidicusschacher (350 points)
I applaud the regular updates, but each new installation tries to install to a default directory instead of the current one. This is bound to result in a double installation and possible issues at some point. Software updates should respect installation locations as much as possible. Better still, can it download updates in the background and update transparently on exit?

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answered Apr 11, 2020 by Bbd (14,410 points)
If you use the default install directory such as Studio One, the updates will use that directory.

If you have your current install in a different directory, Studio One will not know that.

If I want to install into a different directory, I name a new folder when installing an update.

If I want to use the default, I do.