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Is anyone else's copy of Notion confused by 16th note triplets?

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asked Apr 14, 2020 in Notion by charlescrawford1 (140 points)

I don't think I have completely lost my mind yet, but I do think that Notion is confused about rhythm. In the attached image, I have a full measure of 16th note triplets. 

Notion seems to think that there are 4.5 beats in the measure. I have tried entering it as a custom tuplet putting 6 into 4 but it produces the same result. Have I done something wrong in the input? The following measure--the one with just a whole note--simply cuts to silence around the "and" of three in the running 16th note triplets. 

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answered May 13, 2020 by troyhammond (140 points)
Try selecting those groups of notes, right click>Tuplets>Make Tuplet.