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How can I register a used product that I just bought and that has already been registered?

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asked Apr 23 in AR Hybrid USB Mixers by guysmit (150 points)
I bought a used presonus AR16 mixer from a previous owner, and I would like to register the product so I can download the software. Product has already been registered (obviously by the previous owner).

Please tell me how to proceed so I can download the software.

Many thanks!

3 Answers

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answered Apr 24 by colinotoole (6,370 points)
My understanding is that you can just go right ahead and register the hardware using the code associated with it... but you won't be able to access the software if it's previously been activated.
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answered Jun 17 by shanecraig1 (320 points)
I logged a support ticket- no response after several months have past. Does Presonus have any support staff