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Can´t use my Product Key for Studio One? (Spark Amp) It says: product key has been registered already?!?!

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asked Sep 6, 2020 in Studio One 5 by patbee (130 points)
edited Sep 6, 2020 by patbee

Update: Everything is fine!!! Its already in the inventory (no need to register) smiley

Dear Presonus,
yesterday i received my Spark Amp (Positiv grid).
After entering my product Serial for a free Studio one it says: This proct key has been registered already?!
How can i get my free Studio one??

Thanks for help!

Best regards!!!

2 Answers

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answered Sep 8, 2020 by ismaeltintilay (170 points)
Ingrese la serie de mi producto y me indica que ya ha sido utilizada. que debe hacer en este caso?
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answered Dec 7, 2020 by gustavolopessantos (160 points)
How did you solve the problem?