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Studio One version of VST Connect

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asked Apr 23 in Studio One 4 by petemarceau (330 points)
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Does PreSonus have a similar product like Steinberg VST Connect Pro / Performer for Studio One? I need to record a vocal track long distance, hopefully over the internet, and as a Studio One 4 Pro user I was hoping that there would be a solution to avoid having to get Cubase 10. Has anyone come across software that would accomplish this if Studio One doesn’t. If PreSonus doesn’t have this capability I would they would by version 5.

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answered Apr 29 by Stanlee (490 points)
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Well... I'm in the same boat as you. About to pull the trigger on Cubase and VST connect pro. Hate to do it but can't find an alternative using PreSonus Studio One
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answered Apr 29 by petemarceau (330 points)
Are you aware of the Cubase 10.5 Crossgrade Stanlee?