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Request to add remote collaborative recording such as VST CONNECT

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asked Mar 9 in Hardware Integration / Remote Control by gburdine (310 points)

There has been a lot of interests in recording with other producers, artists, etc. collaboratively from remote locations.  I think this feature will add an attractive feature for Studio One users.  I personally have recommended to Studio One to other producers who now have added the platform to their system.  We are currently exploring other means to collaborate our work online using apps such as Sofasession.  It would be great to have a feature that will sync our tracks and even support camera-to-camera communication.  

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answered Mar 9 by pellefridell (2,640 points)

Wow, I did not know about VST Connect, this is really something interesting!! 

Stop sending files via Dropbox and talk on Skype... :-)

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answered Apr 30 by AlexTinsley (733,660 points)
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Thank you for the feature request. 

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answered Nov 20 by Vatche (940 points)
Apart from Cubase Pro that has this fantastic feature, no other DAW has this support (Well, OHM Studio does, but it's nearly dead with no updates for the past 5 years.).

A couple of developers do, but the pricing is way over any musician's budget.

Having this type of feature in Studio One will be the next BIG thing for PreSonus. Even if it's an Add-on feature like VST Connect Pro.

Collaborating with cloud based system is slow and cumbersome, which many DAW developers currently heading, but musicians need real-time connections to collaborate quickly and efficiently.

C'mon PreSonus, expand the horizon beyond working alone with pattern and chord features.