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Be a little bit more like "The others" in basic things

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asked Apr 24 in Studio One 4 by presono (970 points)
I'm a professional musician, producer, 30 years in the music business, I have worked with several DAWs in all this years. Sick of Pro Tools came to S1. After some months working with it, I can tell you that S1 blows my mind both ways, for good and bad.

It has this mix of amazing tricks and really advanced functions and then on the other side it fails to offer some universal and basic options like asking "overwrite mixdown with the same name"?. Come on guys!...Almost all softwares on the planet have that option, not just DAWs.

How hard is to offer that option for a software who has drag and drop to create busses etc. I can get used to the concept of instrument tracks and channels not being the same, ok, but what about this simple universal things. Why do you make it so "elite" and uncomfortable, for no reason...

I personally know 4 friends who were checking S1 with me and they were turned off by not having those basic things and some other weird things. You are loosing customers for not having this simple but important options.

 If I have to delete or replace the previous mixdown, I have to go manually and do it. If I import the mixdown, you don't even show me the folder. I have to look for it in my Hard Drive. How is that confortable? What is the logic behind it?

I really want to love S1, almost there, but you are not completely letting me..

I know there is no perfect DAW, but please improve those things that are making you look still amateur..

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