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Studio 1810c problem

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asked Apr 26, 2020 in Studio Series USB Interfaces by falkolenke (280 points)

once i had a Problem with my Studio 1810c interface but with the newest update the Problems goes on...

First i have the problem with all inputs. I can not hear signals from Hardware Synthesizer and have no signal in Cubase (10.5 Pro). I nee to open the Universal Control in the Mixer sssion, click on "mute" channel 3/ 4 (my Inputs) and click it again. THEN i have my signal. This problem is with all my inputs.

Now, with the newst update of UC i donĀ“t hear anything on my spakers! When i start a song from desktop or youtube...nothing to hear. Still i need to open the UC, click on "mute" on my speaker channel (out 1/2) and click it again. Then i hear sound.

Please tell me support, what is happen?

I have an new Computer (Win 10, newest updates), Core i9 with 16 GB Ram.

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