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Need help to configure the best microphone settings for my voice

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asked Apr 29, 2020 in AudioBox USB by alanmorris3 (120 points)

I'm an audiobook narrator and would like some information/help with setting up my microphone for the best recorded sound of my specific voice.  I'm not an audio engineer (to say the least). I have a small home studio and I'm using the Audio box iTwo with a M7 studio condenser microphone and HD7 studio  headphones.

I'm able to record just fine but my recorded voice sounds a little "muddy". 

I'm using Audacity as my DAW and my computer is running Win 10

I appreciate any advice

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answered Apr 29, 2020 by matthewritenburg (17,320 points)
Make sure your mouth is at least 6 inches from your microphone.   If you have a pop filter, place 6 inches from your microphone, that way you are always at least 6 inches away.  The closer your mouth is to the microphone, the more low frequency content is captured making the recording more “muddy” sounding.  After recording try using a hi-pass filter in Audacity and start by rolling off frequencies below 100hz then gradually increase the cut off frequency until most of the low frequency or “mud” is gone.  You want to keep some lower frequencies So your voice sounds natural.  If you roll off too much you’ll start to sound like a old-school telephone.
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answered May 13, 2020 by jacksonsnyder (140 points)
I do what you do and don't use headphones.  I did find a cure for the exact problem you describe.  I had written the presonus team several times about the M7 microphone, how to set it up for better sound - more volume without that dead, boomy bass.  And I got the same answer you did: that there really wasn't anything you could do about it at the source, but that the correction had to be made in the editing.  And I thought, "I've used cheap hi impedance mics and got much better sound than this.  And especially if you are going live or doing an online forum, this "after the fact" answer is inadequate.  I maintain the problem is with the mic. Finally, I bought a different mic.  I'm not rich, so I checked out some suggestions at Zzounds regarding condenser mics.  Then I went shopping for reviews.  I ended up buying a Lewitt LC240 for $150 at Zzounds.  No credit check - pay in installments - no interest.  Can't beat that.  I bought my Audiobox, speaker system, notion software and the big mixing board software I can't remember the name.  Voila!  The mic problem is gone.  I also found a better setting on the iTwo.  The big knob 1/2, the little knob 1/2 - 3/4.  If you are doing live, then you must have some volume or you are lost in the shuffle.  The Lewitt mic, well, it's just a better mic than the M7, so I have put away the latter and am pretty happy with my purchase.  Another thing I'm going to try: I have a little ********* 6-channel mixer.  I am going to set that up between the mic and the iTwo and try to fine-tune the sound.  All that is needed to do this is an extra guitar-type cord.  Watch out for the phantom power, though.