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Microphone is always hot even when Audiobox USB microphone input is disabled

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asked Jun 28, 2020 in AudioBox USB by shirshendubanerjee (120 points)

After a lot of unexpected static on a Skype call using my 64 bit Win 10 PC, my USB Audiobox has started acting up. The main problem right now is that despite disabling the input from the AB on my PC, the microphone still works. This was not the case earlier. I have followed the process to uninstall the software and drivers as indicated in but despite following all procedures diligently, the Presonus device gets recognised as soon as I connect it to the PC during installation. Ideally if all traces of the device and its drivers are removed, the  "Found New Hardware Wizard" prompt should display during re-installation.

Earlier With the mixer knob turned halfway between Input and playback, I was able to "not hear" the microphone input but now I suspect the micophone has become a lot more sensitive than it used to be until yesterday. I am using a dynamic Podmic from Rode and I have also tested it with a Dynamic EV 635N/D-B in the second mic position.

SInce then I have attempting regular re installs and have checked the device on my laptop as well. The symptoms are identical even there. THis leads to believe that the problem is isolated in my Audiobox. I have not uninstalled Skype yet but will try even that shortly. I just jumped in to yelp :)

Any help will be very appreciated.


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