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Why is there a loud "explosion sound" every so often during playback?

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asked May 1, 2020 in Studio One 4 by joshuabeacom (240 points)
My setup:

Dell G7 15 Laptop (i7 core)

AudioBox usb (no longer officially supported, drivers up to date)

Akai MPK249

krk rokit 5s

Studio one 4 professional


I am recording some acapella stuff. I have no more than 15 audio tracks, and 1 instrument track (a basic piano) playing. I have all the vox tracks running through a bus with pro eq, compression, and room reverb. Sometimes after listening back to the tracks, this super loud explosion sound plays ( like really loud white noise). It fades away after 20 ish seconds. Both ears.

5 Answers

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answered May 2, 2020 by alemazz (180 points)
I Have the same problem!! I have a DELL G3 + Studio One 4. I`m starting to think it is the AudioBox USB problem....
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answered Dec 1, 2020 by bobbyguajardo (180 points)
I am really disappointed there is no answer to this question. I’ve had the same issue in the last day and the sound was absolutely devastating to my ears. How am I supposed to be able to trust the equipment not to ruin my dang ears? I can’t work without a solution.
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answered Feb 28, 2021 by daveblinzinger (160 points)
I have the same issue. I get a horrible sound thru my monitors (no open mic's ) most of the way thru my project that sounds like digital distortion and is very loud and very horrible. I hope Presonus puts the answer here no matter what the outcome. - thanks!
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answered Apr 27, 2021 by dougallan (140 points)
I'd like to know the answer to this one, too.  I had it happen 2 nights ago - not only scared the living hell out of me (never had that kind of noise/volume blow up in my ears before), it probably inflicted some permanent hearing damage.  Ridiculous!  I literally am afraid to use the product any more as I can't afford to have my hearing further damaged.  Would someone care to explain?  And if i did everything using just monitors, then it would blow them up, too.

This is no joke!
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answered Jul 31, 2021 by lgbgnlhq (1,520 points)

This happened to me a few times too, it's very random. Some call it the 666
Presonus, this is unacceptable! It blew up my ears, speakers and headphones. angry

My specs:

MSI Prestige 15
Windows 10
Focusrite Scarlett 3rd gen 18i8
Studio One Professional 5.3

i was using Komplete Kontrol, Izotope Nectar, and other plugins from SO.
I hope this is fixed, cuz even though I really like SO, I'm not willing to use a DAW that could damage my ears.