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Audio Takes are randomly cutting out during Playback

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asked Mar 8 in Studio One 4 by joshualuke3 (140 points)
Hi! I recently had an issue pop up with Studio One 4 that I've never experienced before!

Sometimes after recording takes, S1 will just randomly stop playing part of a take, then pick up in the middle of it again. The audio data isn't missing, and it sometimes resolves itself if I clip the ends of the take or split it, but not always. It's a very inconsistent issue and makes recording incredibly difficult. The issue doesn't seem to be tied down to any specific plugin, it happens in pretty much every session that I record in, even on tracks with 0 plugins on them.

I'm on Studio One Professional v4.5, Windows 10 64-bit.

Any help would be very much appreciated.

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answered Apr 29 by sunilvarghese (140 points)
I have been facing this very issue since last night. Please help!
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answered Aug 16 by roberttrede (1,530 points)

Hello joshualuke3 or sunilvarghese ...

I'm just curious to hear if either of you managed to resolve this issue. Neither of you gave any kind of update since you first wrote the the thread.

I also was having seemingly random fade-out/fade-in errors in Studio One 5 during playback. Like you, joshualuke3, the fadeouts happened seemingly at random.

The problem seemed to go away but now I think that was because I moved on to different projects. I happened to go back today to revisit a recording I made back when I was seeing the problem... and the issue suddenly appeared again today.

I noticed something today, however, that i had not noticed before, however. That is that I was using the "Boost" plugin every time I got the fade outs/ins... I know you (joshualuke3) said in your original post that you were not using any plugins... But I must ask, are you absolutely sure you were not using "Boost" to up the sound level of your master channel? 

It was only by accident today that I discovered that I had Boost enabled on my master channel and that when it was activated, I got the unwanted fading... and that when I de-activated Boost, the fading problem went away.

Could you please both check to see if you are using Boost... and if activating or deactivating it makes any difference at all?


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answered Sep 7 by himanshugarg1 (570 points)
Hey guys,

Ever since I started using Studio One 5, there has been a playback issue that I am facing. When I hit Play, audio events will randomly stop sounding, even though the cursor is moving ahead. Sometimes, no audio event will play, sometimes some will play.

When I Stop and Start again, everything will play. Again, on Stop and Start, some events may not play. Also, this will happen with Midi events rendered to audio and recorded audio as well. Apparently, it is totally random. Some events will play, some will get muted, some will resume their sound after a few beats or bars.

This has happened in new projects as well as in Ver 4 projects, migrated to Ver 5.

I have been using Ver 4.6.2 with great stability, but would love to use the features and tool set of Ver 5. Just this glitch has been stopping me from using it.

Is anyone else facing the same issue?
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answered Sep 21 by mikhailjohnson (210 points)
I too am facing this issue!

It's been occurring so often that it tends to impede production, alot of times ill have to play back the same section to test out a new drum pattern / melody / etc....if anyone has a solution  / workaround, please let me know!
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answered Sep 21 by briansteel1 (140 points)
This problem developed when I put a plug-in  called Analog Pro tape saturation in the main insert. I had to start a new project or reimport the audio tracks or close down studio one and reopen to get audio playback again. Thereafter, when I switched my hardware out on my iaudio interface off & on, (voixemeeter potato) the audio would work but then cut out again. The weird thing is parts of the audio tracks would play but others would not. This is a tremendous waste of production time and disrupts the flow of work. I had another problem where the audio clip would disappear. I had to reimport it. I think there is a bug in the latest upgrade. I thought I was being hacked. My external hardrive had an error then after a scan there were no errors. Presonus needs to look into this because this is making me think maybe I should never have bought this daw. Always having problems with the cpu thing if it's in high it won't let me record and other times I had stuttering issues. I think I had less problems with Sonar!