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Quantum 2632

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asked May 7, 2020 in Thunderbolt - Quantum by michaelfarnan (180 points)
I can't believe I have to ask this, but is there some trick to get the Quantum 2632 to power on? When I first connected it, it powered on without a problem. But after that, it takes many, many tries hitting the power button to get it to power on. I've tried to hit the power button before I power on my computer, after I've powered it on, and after the computer has finished booting. It's very difficult to get the Quantum to power on.

Any suggestions? Or do I just have a defective unit?

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answered May 10, 2020 by jimwilliamson (440 points)
Sounds like a defective power button to me.  I can turn my Quantum on regardless of whether the computer is on or not.
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answered May 15, 2020 by peterjensen11 (280 points)
Thing I can't believe is you have to hit that button every time you power up the rest of your rig. What were they thinking? Everyone has managed power at this level. Thing should remember that it was left on when mains powered up.