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Quantum 2632 Solid red light after Universal Control update

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asked Mar 2, 2020 in Thunderbolt - Quantum by Vegadeth (500 points)
Windows10 updated. Asrock z390 w Asrock thunderbolt card.

After February UC update my Quantum started having sync issues. I also updated firmware at the same time. Now Quantum stays solid red. I wish I didn't update as everything was running great prior. I tried reinstalling/restarting UC and the Asrock thunderbolt driver with no improvement. Is there a way to reinstall older versions of firmware and/or UC?

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answered Mar 3, 2020 by Vegadeth (500 points)
selected Mar 3, 2020 by johnnygeib2
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I figured it out. Restarting my system during each uninstall and reinstall didn't clear everything. I had to do a full shut down then power back up. Maybe my system was saving things for faster reboot? Anyway...everything works. Quantum shows up in UC and the Thunderbolt device list.