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Some features non-functional on FaderPort 8

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asked May 8, 2020 in FaderPort 8 by jerryconnolly (840 points)

I've noticed several things that aren't working properly on my FaderPort 8.
1. The metering feature does not toggle on and off in the scribble strips.
2. The Pan/Param dial, when combined with the Link feature will adjust the level, rate etc, of various settings when the mouse hovers over the adjustment dial but the the numeric display that appears when you hover the mouse over the dial does not change as ou turn the Pan/Param dial so you don't know how far you have adjusted the setting without moving the mouse back and forth over the dial. This renders the Pan/Param with Link feature kind of useless.
3. Mute buttons on the FaderPort do not interact with mute buttons on Instrument tracks in the Song Page. They do interact on the Mixer page.

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