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Notion: Global Change Velocities of Selected Notes

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asked May 11 in Notion by williamglewicz (310 points)
Is there a way to adjust the velocities of selected notes, rather than doing it note by note? I do see the Tools > Clear Velocities option, but I am looking for a way to change, rather than clear, the velocities. Thanks!

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answered May 12 by williamglewicz (310 points)
selected Nov 12 by williamglewicz
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Click on a note’s bar, and the velocity of that note will be indicated by a number immediately following the bar to the
right. To customize or adjust the velocity you can:
 Double-click the middle point of the bar and manually type in your desired value.
 Use [Windows: Alt+Up/Down Arrow; Mac: Option + Up/Down] to change in increments of 10.
 Use [Windows: Shift+Alt+Up/Down Arrow; Mac: Shift + Option + Up/Down] to change in increments of 1.
 Use Velocity Overdub to play in the velocities of the notes.