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Does the ioStation 24c expect its footswitch to be momentary latching or unlatching?

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asked May 18 in Recording Interface Series Feature Requests by mwright137 (1,510 points)
All in the question. I see two types of footswitches at my music store: momentary latching and momentary unlatching. I want to know which one to purchase to work with the ioStation 24c.

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answered Jun 18 by DominicB (14,390 points)
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The ioStation 24c Footswitch trigger will work with both momentary and latching footswitches.

The behavior of the trigger itself will always be latching. That is, press one time to trigger, and press again to reverse the effect of the trigger.
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answered May 18 by joegilder (13,660 points)
I'm not sure, but I've used a regular keyboard sustain pedal for years with my Faderport, and it's worked great.