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Studio live 16.0.2 Firewire

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asked May 21 in Classic Mixers by dariuszdski (170 points)
Hello. Is it possible to connect via firewire / usb studio live 16.0.2 adapter to make everything work? Has anyone connected so?

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answered May 22 by jonnydoyle (351,420 points)
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To connect the StudioLive 16.0.2 to a computer for recording/control purposes, the computer must have a valid firewire port or one that can be used with an adaptor. USB to Firewire adaptors are not supported and in general do not work for audio equipment. If you are buying a new computer the following articles will be helpful. 




Alternatively you can use an Apple Mac which would require the following cables/adaptors depending the Mac you get. 

If you purchase a PC with USB-C you would need to ensure that the USB-C port on the computer is an approved Thunderbolt 3 port.

Please review this video carefully to ensure that your computer is compatible.


If you deem it compatible then the following is required.