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Studio One 4.6 Professional stops recording / looks to freeze/spike CPU

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asked May 27, 2020 in Studio One 4 by patcassidy (200 points)

I just downloaded Studio One 4.6 to start recording a podcast. We are recording for about an hour in length per episode but we haven't had a recording track last longer than ~7 minutes before it looks like the CPU spikes to 100% and then the recording stops but the track remains on "play". It almost looks like a glitch as my cursor will flip to a "loading circle" . This computer is a gaming computer that runs Oculus Rift with three sensors just fine so I feel like it should have the juice for just a little USB Microphone.

I have tried the following:
Save file to new drive (completely clean TB)
changed my song sample rate to 48 to match the interface set up
Disable auto save
Tried with drop out protection at minimal, medium, maximum
Disconnecting all other devices from my computer that is not my mic (running this through USB)
I walked through the "optimizing your windows" article and made a number of changes that are recommended in it to run as optimal as possible

Disconnected from a docking station I was using so everything is coming straight off the computer
Complete Norton scan to ensure my computer doesn't have any viruses/malware

Ran my computer's CPU usage alongside S1 and its never shown a spike higher than ~20%

Anyone has any ideas? Thanks!

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answered May 28, 2020 by garymaguire (11,330 points)
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Please contact support about your issue.

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answered May 28, 2020 by forbes-r (160 points)
I  have contacted support about this same issue and have not yet received a reply? in my case the curser freezes and then flicks back and forward, I am a long time studio one user and I'm aware of all counter-measures?
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answered Jul 29, 2020 by ameedqafiti (300 points)

Go into Studio One>Options>Locations>User Data and try to change your user data folder.  This issue can happen if the program is unable to write to your User Data location

you can share a screen shot of what you have in this part.