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AudioBox USB breaks all audio recording in OBS, works perfectly in all other circumstances, halp pls

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asked May 31, 2020 in AudioBox USB by matthewryan5 (160 points)
Hi helpful people!
I'm borrowing my brother's AudioBox to use with an xlr microphone that needs phantom power.

I don't have studio 1 installed, but that hasn't been a problem when recording with Audacity.

Unfortunately, when I tried recording in OBS, the video doesn't have any audio... OBS is clearly aware that the mic is plugged in, the audio mixer is picking up the sound both as an audio input capture and the mic/aux when I set either of them to the AudioBox.

The only clue I have for what is wrong is ALL of my microphones fail to produce recordings with sound in OBS while the AudioBox is plugged into the USB port (naturally I switch the OBS settings off AudioBox to those mics). As soon as I unplug the AudioBox, my other mics work when I switch the settings to use them.

Save me from my ignorance! Thank you!

1 Answer

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answered May 31, 2020 by matthewryan5 (160 points)
Well, I went into my sound settings in windows and I noticed that the speakers were set to the AudioBox. I switched this to my computer speakers and everything was hunky dorey. Dunno why I was able to record get proper playback in other programs, but I'm so relieved I'm not going to question it.