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KVLT Drums II VST - Really slow load times

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asked Jun 1, 2020 in Studio One 4 by danlakss (610 points)
Both the VST2 and VST3 type of KVLT Drums II takes forever to load and also while changing the presets of said virtual instrument.Only applies to KVLT Drums II from what I've seen on my machine. I've mailed Ugritone about this as well.

The plugin and Studio One 4 are installed on a fast SSD with barely 5% CPU usage during use and 0-1% drive activity. Well over 8GB RAM left to spare.

Anybody else having the same issue with a solution? Loading the VST I can understand somewhat if it's slow since it takes a bit over 600MB, but after changing it's presets while it's running is just silly.


Studio One Professional 4.6.1

Win 10 Pro version 1903 Build 18362

i7 6700K @ stock 4GHz


2 Answers

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answered Jun 19, 2020 by kalemsmith (140 points)
Same issue. I’m also getting a no samples folder found! When it does load. Customer service has been less than helpful.
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answered Jun 22, 2020 by danlakss (610 points)
If it doesn't find the samples folder - check the settings panel (right bottom corner) in the KD2 plugin. Make sure the path actually exists and has the files.