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Extract Stems directly from a audio track

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asked Jun 1 in Editing by joehander1 (1,170 points)
For the next update is possible to have ability to make stems for remixing directly from a audio track or to make a instrumental or acapella, like RX 7 Music balance do?

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answered Jun 2 by matthewritenburg (8,970 points)
Unless I have misunderstood your question, this is already possibly by just dragging the audio track into your files menu.  It will export the track as an audio file.

There is also the export stems menu option for exporting multiple tracks at once.
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answered Jun 3 by joehander1 (1,170 points)

I mean, import a full song to Studio One and i want to extract just the vocals or remove the vocals and get just a instrumental for that same file or even just raise the beats or bass or vocals or Pianos.