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no input / sound either from mic or line through in studiolive 16.0.2 no bargraph display either

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asked Jun 13, 2020 in Temblor Series by onkarsinghsingh (160 points)
no audio input getting through in studiolive 16.0.2 consol.

all control, faders, buttons and every thing on front panel / face working normally, including digital effect / master control.

it seems that there is any problem in  Analog to digital conversion board/ or in Input-output board.

i have tried both mic and line input on every 16 channel but result is same.

reseting of unit has no effect.

please help.

please provide me technical/repair manual of Studiolive 16.0.2 as i myself is a sound engineer working in chain of FM station.

onkar singh


3 Answers

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answered Jun 13, 2020 by onkarsinghsingh (160 points)

Update: Only inputs 13/14 and 15/16 are ok.

sound output available for channel 13/14 and 15/16 

digital effect and master control also working for input 13/14 and 15/16

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answered Jun 15, 2020 by timmorris (820 points)
You mean to your PC/ DAW  or output to monitors?
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answered Oct 17, 2020 by misaelhernandez1 (140 points)
Please help I have the same problem. No output sound to my monitors. I have tried both mic and line input. I was using my console for live concerts but one day no sound was coming out.