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Studio 24c - why do I get outputs on both channels with Line and headphones when I am only inputing on channel 1

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asked Jun 14 in Studio Series USB Interfaces by peterbarabash (170 points)
edited Jun 26 by peterbarabash
I am only inputting on input 1.

Through my headphones I hear the input on both L&R ears.

The same is output in both L & R Line outs.

The mixer is set hard left to only output inouts an dnothing is enabled on my computer to send anything back anyway.

I would expect only to hear the Left channel output and nothing from the right.

The same happens when I input into channel 2 - I stll get output on both channels.

In a DAW - I do only get one channel from input 1 as expected.

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answered Jun 25 by patrickigoe (160 points)
I just ran into the same issue. It appears that the 24c, with the Mixer knob set to Input, sums the two inputs in mono and then outputs the same mono signal to both left and right outputs. This was a big disappointment to me. The Scarlett 2i2 has a mono/stereo button that I believe makes it behave as you and I expected the Presonus 24c to behave. As a Scarlett 18i20 owner, I now wish I'd stuck with Focusrite when adding a low end box for my other machine.

I had to use Loopback on the Mac to send input 1 back out to left output and input 2 back out to the right output, then turn the Mixer knob hard right. Of course that totally gives up the low-latency purpose of having input monitoring on the box.

Very disappointed with this thing.
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answered Jun 26 by peterbarabash (170 points)
edited Jun 26 by peterbarabash
Thanks for confirming. Glad it's not just me although I am annoyed I made the wrong purchase by assuming it would work as we both expected.

Whilst there is no steroe/mono button, this functionality could be implemented by an option in the Universal Control. Does anybody from Presonus care to comment?

I don't like the  fact that Presonus relies on just putting up this forum with loads of  unanswered questions which  saves them actually providing proper technical support.