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Why am I getting buzzing from oneparticular acoustic guitar connected via Studio 24c ?

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asked May 31, 2020 in Studio Series USB Interfaces by philfriend (120 points)
I am recording via my Studio 24c into Studio One 4 on my Windows 10 laptop.

Up til now, I have recorded various guitars via their pickups (single coil & humbucker pickups plus Yamaha acoustic (LL-TA) ) with no issue. However, when plugging in my Faith Neptune acoustic (via its pickup) I am getting buzzing - low, bassy buzz - audible via my AKG K52 headpbones and visible in Studio One volume level indicator.

My Faith has nuch problem when plugged into my AER amp even with pickup volume turned up to the top.

I have tried changing cables and used same cables as for other quitars but to no avail.

Please can you help ?

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