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No signal on optical input

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asked Jun 14, 2020 in Recording Interface Series Feature Requests by willyvontavon (120 points)
I'm using the Studio 1824c on an iMac Pro 2013 with Catalina. All the inputs work perfect, but if I want to connect a CD-Player or DAT or something like that on the optical input I can't get any signal.

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answered Mar 25 by jebbyslonar (390 points)
I also noticed this today.  I recently got a computer with an optical cable out on it ( a desktop computer I always used laptops before) so I tried to connect and see if I could hear the computer's default Realtek digital output thru the interfaces headphones (useful for OBS monitoring before sending it out to network, if it would work) not a sound out of the headphones.  Stumped.  I have the 1824 and running the Universal Control I see the Spdif channel after the ins and before the adats in the mixer, but there is no movement in the mixer channel.  I had previously not been using the headphones since I'm monitoring everything thru the 1810 further on in my chain.  I thought I'd get the outs from a headphones here since monitoring thru the ASUS on the network via Network NDI is a pain because of Asus tendancy to prompt when headphones get attached, and play thru speakers if I just leave them in.  So you can imagine that that would feedback in a mic and be a huge nuisance of unplugging the phones and replugging them every time I turn on the machine.  Would be useful to get this 1824 working to play that monitor mix out of OBS.  Any suggestions bump.