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StudioLive 32.4.2 AI Factory resets when off for several days

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asked Sep 3 in Ai Mixers by abrahambensend (120 points)
I have a StudoLive 32.4.2 Ai.  It has worked well up until the last few weeks when it began factory resetting its self.  We are a church and use it twice a week.  If it is off for a day, it retains settings, but if off for 2 or 3 days, it gets factory reset.  It loses channel names, levels, FX settings, etc.  We've done backups and restore when this happens, but it doesn't bring back everything.  It can be very frustrating to have to do this week after week.  Is there a coin battery (like on a computer motherboard) that needs to be replaced to retain settings?  Is there something else that is happening?  The mixer stays plugged in, but gets powered off when not in use.Thanks!

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