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sometimes wrong channel name displayed on channel 9

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asked Jul 2, 2020 in FaderPort 16 by markuskrauss (140 points)
edited Jan 4, 2021 by markuskrauss
I'm running Faderport 16 (Firmware 3.43) with Cubase 10.5.20.

Sometimes, but always on channel 9 of the faderport 16, there is displayed a wrong name of my cubase track. After scrolling the faderport bank, sometimes this error disappears, but I don't understand how to reproduce the behaviour exactly. But when the error happens, so far it only affected the 9th channel of faderport 16. The text in case of error is e.g. "0100402" instead of "OH".

Still the same problem with cubase 11.

Please Help!

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