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Sphere cannot connect to server

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asked Jul 8 in PreSonus Sphere by Damodemoniq (290 points)
Sphere cannot connect to server error message. Definitely online, definitely all firewalls off! Same with "hub"!

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answered Jul 21 by AlexTinsley (901,920 points)
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The response to Sphere was overwhelming and our server system was being upgraded to meet the demand resulting in slowed connections for some. All has since been resolved. Should you ever have an issue like this, please log a support request to so a support team agent can assist.
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answered Jul 8 by ericcardonnel (160 points)
Impossible to connect to the server "statut 500"
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answered Jul 8 by jakehays1 (140 points)
Same!! here I thought my computer's firewall has gone haywire.
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answered Jul 8 by skijumptoes (2,870 points)
Yup, same deal here.  I can log in to Studio One on the first authentication window, but the second where i activate to sphere it fails.

Same with hub, also fails.   Was fine last night, however.  (I'm in UK)
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answered Jul 8 by dalilmiszczak1 (560 points)
Hi guys, i already created a support ticket, which was answered by PreSonus support very fast. So for you all to know:

It is a known issue due to the actual server problems PreSonus has. So we all have to be patient and try it again later.
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answered Jul 8 by brettgo (540 points)
Same here.

Can't activate Studio One 5 or hub.

Notion 6 also saying I havent activated Sphere!!!

This has been like this since 1030 this morning.

Not cool