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Ampire on Studio One v5

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asked Jul 9, 2020 in Studio One 5 by lindsaybeswick (700 points)
Hi all,

I'm an absolute beginner with Studio One v5 which i upgraded from from v4.6 and have a question about Ampire which obviously come with v5 but it has no extra cabinets or Amps like it does in v4 so my question is where can i buy extra cabinets and amps that'll work with v5 please.

Thanks for any advice given

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answered Jul 19, 2020 by kellywilbur1 (150 points)
Similar problem here except I didn't upgrade...Studio One v5 simply came with the hardware I purchased (Studio 24c) in July. However, I only have one amp and cabinet. I thought I was supposed to get much more.
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answered Jul 19, 2020 by chrissederqvist1 (2,420 points)

What do you mean?

Not trying to make you sound stupid or anything, but you have noticed the three bars in the "sandwich" button to reveal the amps and cabs?

The cabs and amps aren't there? What IS there? I installed my XT purchaces and the now legacy XT stuff, and it looks something like this...

Before expanding:

After expanding (Notice that's an amp from the XT collection?):

Tried re-installing the content?

Or am I missing the point all together??

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answered Jul 19, 2020 by lindsaybeswick (700 points)
According to Presonus who I have been speaking to over the last week or so have said the Legacy XT stuff will not and does not work with the new Studio One v5 Ampire and will only get One amp and One cabinet. The only way to get more amps and cabs is to buy Ampire again and then they will work which for Presonus is a great sales ploy but not so good for the normal public.

Yes I did try the "sandwich" button but stil only shows one amp and one cab. You cannot reinstall Ampire XT Classic as it came with Studio One v4 preinstalled but if you know a way where i can copy and paste the amps and cabs from v4 to v5 please i'm all ears but honestly thank you for answearing. It was much appreciated.
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answered Aug 10, 2020 by steveanstice (400 points)
I have also been speaking to Presonus about this.
I cannot understand why they have removed all but the basic Ampire from Artist V5.
They have told me that I should upgrade to Professional or sign up to Sphere, neither of which I can afford and I am not paying for what I consider to be a "downgrade" from V4.6 to V5.
There are also some of the stock plugins from V4.6 that have been removed in V5.
I am hugely disappointed that Presonus should treat their customers like this.
I am one rather unhappy *****.
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answered Aug 10, 2020 by steveanstice (400 points)
Not sure why the last word of my previous answer was asterisked out, it was in no way rude, it was "b*nny" (rabbit)!

Having done a bit more digging I have found out that Ampire from V4.6 (ALL editions) is actually incompatible with V5.
C'mon Presonus, get your act back together.
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answered Aug 23, 2020 by xlr studio (200 points)
Presonus has had us all on that. I "upgraded"from 3 Artist to 5 Artist. I used the HiGain Amps. Now I Only have the AC/DC amp.

That s not nice Presonus!!!! I am now forced to run another guitar plugin. I do think it s a scam.

I am not going to pay for amps that I already had available in the previous version, which sounded pretty good.

A guitar plugin with only one amp....tssss

Yes, I should ve read more carefully in the specs.........

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answered Nov 25, 2020 by juansoriano2 (160 points)
I jumped on this forum to ask about Ampire... I got the "Artist" versionof Studio One, it came in a package deal I bought and was excited about all I had seen about Ampire and all I have is on amp, one cab and it's what's being described as "basic" which I think means useless as I can't even adjust the amp..... lame as hell.
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answered Dec 2, 2020 by bobbydebarbes (920 points)

I upgraded one month ago and i discover this downgrade now ! I moved from V4 to V5 but except some nice colors for the plugins and the enveloppe gain, there is not much to justify the upgrade...but now, i start to think i should have stayed where i was...

(I don't speak about the small instabilities of the new version that were not there before)

@Presonus, we know you listen your customers so c'mon, bring back the amps and cabs, that would be fair for those who paid the upgrade !
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answered Dec 4, 2020 by madschristensen7 (200 points)
Just bought Studio 5 after reading and watching a lot of tutorials on youtube where THE selling point for me as a guitarist was the huge amount of amps and cabinets in Ampire to play around with. Now installed - I learn there is ONE default amp and ONE default cabinet. It is very disappointing to downgrade your product like this. You have at least one disappointed customer here :-(
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answered Feb 15, 2021 by simonkane (160 points)
I've just upgraded from Studio One Artist V3 to Studio One Artist V5, went to use Ampire for my bass - only got a Marshall guitar amp! wtf!?

So Presonus want us to purchase Ampire V5 separately?  I loved using Ampire in V3, I would have expected the upgrade to V5 to at least have the same functionality as V3.  however, as we can now use 3rd party plugins without having to fork out for a separate module to allow this, I downloaded Amplitude 5 custom shop for free and I'm using that instead of Ampire.  So I have a bunch of guitar amps & cabinets, including stuff for my bass again, and it sounds awesome.
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answered Mar 21, 2021 by patlopez (160 points)
Being a guitar player amps, cabs and effects are important. Shame on me for making assumptions about what an upgrade would/should include.

I'm new to recording. I played around with different DAWs and was taken with the usability of Studio One after trying both the demo version and the free Prime version. I decided to pull the trigger and get the entry level Artist version. Where I went wrong is assuming from the videos I watched on You Tube and elsewhere that Studio One Artist would include, if not the full package, at least a few more amps and cabinets with Ampire than what is included with Prime. It is an upgrade after all. I was surprised and more than a bit ****** after purchasing to find that it was the same limited version of Ampire included with Prime. If I had known that I would have just purchased Ampire to install in Studio One Prime and carried on with my learning of the software and recording. I'm sure there are probably other pieces of Artist that have been removed, altered or downgraded that I am not knowledgeable enough yet to recognize the need for.

If I had known about the lack of additional models in Ampire with Artist before I upgraded, it's still likely I would have purchased Artist later as I became more competent with the software. I like the software but now I will be forever leery of updates or upgrades taking away or nerfing parts that had been included in previous versions. As in all things - Buyer Beware.
Come on PreSonus. you can do better.
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answered Apr 4, 2021 by lawrencegray (170 points)
Not an answer, but adding one more voice to the chorus of "Boooos" for the trick that PreSonus has played on us. I was happy with V3 Artist, and was just starting to get into some small production projects for friends. S1 was a lot of fun, and I was discovering useful features all the time. Then came Melodyne. I never used it, but I was eager to try it out (I sing like like a gargling chicken, but I'd like to at least be an on-key gargling chicken). Ooops, can't load Melodyne trial version. (I must have activated my trial copy of Melodyne years ago when I first got S1 with my PreSonus AudioBox 96 interface.) Hmm, OK, I'll see what a Melodyne license costs. Oh look! I found an Melodyne Essential 5 license (that's the latest version of Melodyne) on EBay for not much money. I paid for the license, and downloaded/installed/activated Melodyne with no problem. I could run it standalone but I couldn't get S1 to load it as a plugin.

A couple of emails with PreSonus support later: "Sorry, Studio One 3 Artist doesn't support Melodyne Essential 5; it's too new. You can either try to find an older version of Melodyne, or upgrade S1 Artist from 3 to 5, only $50." Only $50? That doesn't sound too bad, and I've been enjoying the production experience so I went for it and installed the upgrade. Lo and behold, I now have Melodyne right there in Studio One 5. Victory!

Not so fast. My very first project with my sparkling new Studio One, and I was laying down the bass track. I usually ran my bass through Ampire, so I dropped the Ampire plugin on the track, and it sounded like you-know-what. I went looking for the bass setup that I tend to use, and only then discovered that you can no longer get there from here. Not only is the Artist version of Ampire stripped down to a useless piece of digital slag, you cannot even integrate someone else's perfectly good amplifier plugin (like Amplitube) into Studio One 5 So-Called-Artist. "Oh, but we have a solution: upgrade to Studio One 5 Pro for only $300, and you can have Ampire back, just like you had with the icky old Studio One 3. Too much money? OK, for only $60 you can have your old Ampire back as a plugin for Artist." Such a bargain. I feel like a kid whose lunch was stolen by a bully who's offering to give it back if I pay him a dollar.
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answered Jul 30, 2022 by shane20 (140 points)
After 7 years and a lot of thinking "do I really need to upgrade",  and being happy with V2, I decided to 'upgrade' to V5 with no idea that the Ampires had gone, suddenly all my tracks are sounding different and all the Ampire options are gone!!! So so so so so so disappointed PreSonus, this is such a backwards step! Why would you remove this feature?! If I had of known you had done this I (a) would have not spent 90 dollars on a 'downgrade' and (b) probably looked elsewhere for a DAW.

I would like to know why you decided to do this, it is very frustrating and from what I can see completely unnecessary, I see from the forums it has upset a lot of people.  I can't say I will ever be recommending Studio One again to people if this is what you do.