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Will there be a marriage between Impact XT and Sample One?

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asked Jul 10 in Instruments and Plug-Ins by edwardhall2 (770 points)
Hey there Presonus Team. So I have been trying to get this feature request for the longest now but maybe someone who has close access to Presonus developers will see this and pass it on. There needs to be a marriage between Sample One XT and Impact XT. If anyone has seen how logics drum machine designer works. It’s like each drum pad is a quick sampler instrument. In Impact, each pad should be a Sample One Instrument. That way, when you create a pattern, and convert that pattern to a part, and explode the pitches to tracks, each track will be placed on a multisampled piano roll. That way you can play your 808s and hi hats up and down its own piano roll. I know that using automation can achieve this now but the workflow would be so much faster by marrying the two. Right now I have to make drum patterns in impact but I have to load 808s and hi hats separately in Sample One to achieve this. S1 is far beyond the other DAWs in my opinion, and adding this feature would be a GAME CHANGER in my opinion. Especially for hip hop and Trap producers. Someone please pass this feature request on. Thanks.

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answered Jul 12 by KevinElib (1,430 points)
This would be a dope New Feature. Ableton does this so very well where you can convert samples from the sampler into the simpler and program different pitches like say the 808 kick as a bass line.

Allot of times the 808 kick or any short sample for that matter gets added to impact but no way to program different notes. The only way to achieve this in impact is by automating the pitch envelope but that’s not a realistic way to do this.

I’m with you EHall.
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answered Jul 12 by michaelharris32 (390 points)
I totally agree  E Hall. Impact Sampler XXT would be  game changing.
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answered Jul 12 by eduardogabriel1 (370 points)
That new feature would be fantastic, Studio One needs it, totally agree !!

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answered Jul 13 by torianchavis (1,040 points)
Need this. Want this.
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answered Jul 14 by mikefendi (420 points)
This would be super dope.
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answered Jul 17 by valentinosciacca1 (3,860 points)
Yeah! This would be so cool! Please Presonus think about it ;)
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answered Jul 23 by rickymilliner (1,520 points)
I agree that this is needed for Studio One bigtime. This will shake up the game like “Hulk Smash”.
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answered Jul 24 by andreknight2 (230 points)
This Very Needed. Please PreSonus Remember The Hip Hop Community?
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answered Jul 24 by flosssmith (200 points)
Yes, this would be a game-changer in SO5. Also, implement an Algorithm to scan Drumkit folders and put them in specific pads like Argonaut Atlas 1.4,  1 for kicks, 2 for snares 3 for claps, etc.... And I would love for you to add 3rd Party integration to work with Note Fx, Like Scaler 2, Cthulu, Chord Prism, and Captain Plugins like Universal Audio Luna. I love Studio One it is great DAW. It is the King of Workflow and these improvements would definitely help Producers workflow. Below is a Wishlist video from Ivan Calderon, who has a big following using Studio One 5.

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answered Jul 26 by ozinga (1,050 points)


Logic with the new DMD has best of both worlds. you can play it as a Drum Kit or individual samples at full pitch range without any converting.

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answered Jul 26 by koreymontplaisir (1,180 points)
I'm down only if they can update it without messing with my old projects. Sample one is the only plugin i use from presonus, i wouldn't want an issue to cause me to change to something else.
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answered Aug 22 by thunderdan (1,220 points)
This would be amazing. I was hoping for this when I seen them implement a step sequencer into the daw back in V4. There seems to be a blind spot to modern hip hop production workflows when it comes to making these solutions. Hopefully we can get some more votes!
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answered Sep 11 by nicolaidam (340 points)
Yes this is what we need! Also a fade in/out in SampleOne and Impact would be so useful and easy to get implemented
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answered Sep 11 by alfredogonzalez10 (270 points)