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MIDI Sync With External Gear: S1 provides inconsistent results

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asked Jul 10, 2020 in Studio One 5 by uchendueke (1,650 points)

Setting up my update of Studio One 5, I found that the MIDI sync to a few of my outboard MIDI devices varies between 4-6x the song tempo. Adjusting the CC Automation Interval slider in the configuration of each device as suggested elsewhere had no effect on the results

I did a direct comparison using the same connections with Maschine 2 and certain devices appear to be interpreting whatever S1 is outputting very differently. My Korg Prologue handles the output from both platforms without a problem, but other hardware such as the Arturia MiniBrute, Access Virus C and ********* DeepMind 12 are multiples faster with Studio One. Am I missing something here??

I have included some photos of the clocks with the S1 and with Maschine as master clock as examples. There may need to be a selector in Studio One for varying the analog clock rate ( e.g. 1 PULSE (KORG), 24 PPQ, 48 PPQ) to allow for different gear, or at the very least Studio One should be able to provide what Maschine does out of the box, which works with all of my external MIDI gear, old (>20+ years) and new

  • With Maschine
  1. Maschine Tempo (60bpm)
  2. Deep Mind 12 with Maschine Clock Sync
  3. MiniBrute 2 with Maschine Clock Sync


  • Same ext. hardware, same computer, same project tempo - but with Studio One v5
  1. Studio One Tempo
  2. Deep Mind 12 with Studio One MIDI Sync
  3. MiniBrute 2 with Studio One MIDI Sync

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answered Jul 12, 2020 by deepsubmicron (300 points)
I had a similar problem setting up external instruments in V5 for the first time yesterday, with the MIDI clock getting duplicated 3x as reported on my Novation Summit. I don't know from your description if my mistake is definitely your issue, but  just in case...

I had not realized that you should only set midi clock out on just _one_ of the instruments you setup using different channels on the same MIDI interface. This information is out there if you search for it, but it isn't at all obvious this should be the case. Once set, it appears from my experiments that you do not actually need that specific instrument inserted in your project for MIDI clock/start to be sent from the interface.

This does seem to be a bit of a strange way of handling global device setup and obviously not how MIDI clock setup is handled in other DAWs I have used, but I guess once you have done it once you forget about it.

I hope that helps you.