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Impossible to display main S1 window on TV second screen with Quadro RTX4000

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asked Mar 23, 2021 in Studio One 5 by viktorkestral (340 points)
Hello, I've just built a new PC with I9; Asus Creator MB, 64Gb RAM and Quadro RTX4000. As displays, I use a Touchscreen Iliyama monitor and a 4K HDR TV as a second display. S1 main window refuses to be displayed or moved to second TV display. I'm a long time S1 user. It works on my other old config (same display setup apart GTX1070 as a graphic card and FHD TV as second monitor). Is there a known issue? (as audio interface, RM16AI and 24R for the new one). Of course, I would like to get the main timeline on the biggest wall-mount screen. The other windows (mixer, edit, plugs work fine, Just the Timeline doesn't display. Everything on Win 10 Pro.

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