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Use custom drum maps to configure ATOM for the use of 3rd party plugins

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asked Jul 12, 2020 in Hardware Integration / Remote Control by GeorgTomitsch (1,540 points)
I'ts already possible to create custom drum maps for 3rd party plugins in the drum editor and assign each drum a different color. It would be great if this function could be used to set the colors and position of the drums on the ATOM controller when the custom map is active.

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answered Sep 29, 2021 by gintsgrinbergs (510 points)
edited Sep 30, 2021 by gintsgrinbergs

I was looking the same for Atom SQ. Custom colour map sync with any plugin using should be working. Otherwise, at the moment colours are synced only when using Impact XT but under the hood, it is a custom drum map with colours which is respected only for that one plugin. For example, Superior Drummer 3 has some colour based custom maps, but they have been ignored in both views: Drum Views and when using Patterns.

Additional to this I would add full integration with the custom Drum Maps would be awesome. Which includes:

  1. The key specified colours.
  2. Hide key/notes which are hidden in the drum map, so hide them on Atom/Atom SQ. (It is possible to hide some keys/notes)
  3. Respect the custom order in the custom drum maps. (The drum map editor allows to drug notes in different order without mapping that key or changing samples)

Expected use cases:

  • Ability to use always the same drum map between all songs for the same instruments, especially when it comes to drums plugins like Superior Drummer or similar.
  • Ability to reuse previous midi tracks and patterns for other songs, while that particular drum map is adjusted just for the performance.
  • Easy to use midi libraries but still able to adjust quickly for the performance.
  • Easy quick drum map edits for one particular song part where the actual drum map could have 80+ samples, but easy adjustments can be made for more effortless performance.
  • And many other use cases when samples can stay on the same defined keys, but some changes can be done for better performance.