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My lap top shuts down stating it has overheated when I use my Audiobox USB interface

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asked Jul 16, 2020 in Studio One 3 by Solo4you (220 points)

I just bought a brand new HP lap top. Running Ryzen 5, Radeon Vega Graphics. 64 bit. Windows 10, Running Studio one 3. 250 Gig with 160 gigs free.  Was working great until I connected my Audiobox USB interface.  I can start working on recording with Studio one and have also used Cubase 5 and I will record for a while with no problems but as soon as I leave the session open and go do something for 5 minutes and when I come back my computer is off - I mean blank black screen- as if I had shut it off.  I push the power button and message pops up saying my computer had to shut down due to overheating. What is weird is that when i turn it back on another message appears stating that "Audiobox ASIO Drivers have been removed".  Is it my lap top? or is it my interface that might be causing this? one more thing:  I do connect it via USB. The only other USB connected is my computer mouse.  I did buy a fan cooler pad for it and just used it today for the first time and it just did this again. help!   

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answered Jul 18, 2020 by mattbennett1 (2,630 points)
Have you tried using a different usb port to see if it's any different? I think some usb 3.1 ports are data transfer only, meaning they aren't meant to power larger devices.